Diabolica Art – Paintings by Lee Lanier



I’m a professional animator, visual effects artist, director, author, film festival manager, painter, muralist, and illustrator based in Boulder City, Nevada. In other words, I like to stay busy!

This site showcases my latest paintings, which feature pin-ups, goddesses, demigods, devil girls, giants, zombies, ghosts, and other scenes from new and old mythology. My artist statement follows:

I specialize in figurative painting that reinterprets myths from many cultures and time periods. The myths may include classic stories from the ancient Greeks or may take inspiration from lesser known stories from Africa, South America, and other parts of Europe and Asia. Many of my paintings feature specific gods, demigods, or mythological characters and are named after them. The reinterpretation attempts to sum up their essence, their struggle, or their ennui. Although I may use symbolism in the paintings, the symbolism if relatively subtle. The reinterpretation sometimes places the character in a modern, mundane context; other times the character is left in fantastic, abstract world of tall tales. My paintings, although often featuring female figures, are gender fluid–that is, the sex of the character may not match the origin myth or may be difficult to identify.

The paintings  featured on the main page of this website are shown in order of completion. However, the works are grouped into several series, which you can see via the portfolio page. Please enjoy.

-Lee Lanier

P.S.: Here’s my artist résumé and my animation and VFX CV. You can also check out my Wikipedia page. To purchase my works or hire me, contact me or visit my Etsy page